Homeschooling Unscripted

SupplyMe has acquired, a blog written by Gidget, a Christian homeschooling mom you can learn more about below.

Gidget warmly welcomed visitors to her space and expressed her delight that they had taken the time to stop by. She encouraged readers to leave comments, as she cherished the opportunity to get to know those who frequented her blog.

First and foremost, Gidget considered herself blessed to be a Daughter of the KING. She recognized the immense mercy and blessings bestowed upon her family and marveled at her inclusion in an incredible group of ladies. Inspired by her blogging friends, she had recently embarked on a more earnest journey to deepen her relationship with her Heavenly Father. While acknowledging her imperfections, she found solace in the sufficiency of His grace.

At the age of 36, Gidget was a mom who, despite the passage of time, didn't quite feel like a full-fledged adult. She playfully referred to herself as a dork. Her lifestyle could be described as mostly crunchy, or perhaps only semi-crunchy. Her family did not vaccinate, and they embraced homeschooling while resisting mandates they were told they had to follow. Her nickname "Gidget" had its roots in her high school days when she was the only girl surfer in their small East Coast town. She was also a fan of Sandra Dee.

From the inception of their first child, Gidget and her husband had known they would be homeschoolers. They had been on this educational journey for seven years, with a brief deviation when they attempted a private school for their daughter's first-grade year six years ago. They had experimented with various homeschooling styles before finding a blend that suited them, though Gidget expected it would evolve several more times over the next eight years. With the ever-changing nature of their days, they embraced the term "Homeschooling Unscripted," which was the inspiration behind her blog's title.

Their primary homeschooling goal was to instill a love for learning in their children. They understood that there was always an opportunity to revisit missed topics, so they aimed to provide their children with the tools for lifelong success. They also recognized that God had a plan for their children's lives and sought to honor their God-given talents, encouraging them to pursue their interests.

Gidget had a passion for acting on stage and managed to participate in one to two plays each year. She even had the experience of being an extra in a movie, though she ended up on the cutting room floor. She played a regular character in their children's church skits, and the theme of scripts played a role in brainstorming her blog title.

Gidget and her husband, Moon Doggy, had been married for nearly 16 years. Moon Doggy served as the cornerstone of their home and the principal of their homeschooling efforts. His personality contrasted with Gidget's flighty eccentricity, providing a stabilizing influence.

Their oldest child, Monkey, was 13 and tended to be quiet and easygoing, preferring to observe the activity around her. She possessed a quick wit beyond her years and had a deep passion for drawing, particularly in the Manga and Japan genres.

Rex, their youngest at 10, was an energetic bundle of activity. He emulated his big sister in most things and approached life with unwavering enthusiasm. He believed in strict schedules and displayed impressive Lego-building skills, capable of crafting various types of imaginative spaceships.

Living frugally had become their way of life, primarily out of necessity, but they had grown accustomed to this lifestyle. Challenges arose, but love, hard work, and the grace of God helped them overcome these hurdles, embodying the spirit of Philippians 4:19.

Gidget held a deep passion for sharing the joys of homeschooling with others. While she recognized that homeschooling wasn't suitable for everyone, she believed that anyone with an interest should give it a try to see if it worked for their family.