Homeschool Chicks

SupplyMe has acquired, a blog written by a bunch of homeschool moms to help other homeschooling families. was a welcoming online space where a group of Christian homeschooling moms, including Dinah, Tamara, Sherri, Chareen, Heidi, and other dedicated contributors, shared their insights and experiences to support and encourage fellow homeschooling families. Their blog was a collaborative effort, reflecting diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for homeschooling, aimed at providing a wealth of resources and inspiration for the homeschooling community.

Their Mission

At, their mission was to create a supportive community where Christian homeschooling moms could find valuable guidance, uplifting messages, and practical tips to enhance their homeschooling experiences. They strongly believed that homeschooling extended beyond academics, emphasizing the importance of nurturing children's hearts and minds, instilling Christian values, and fostering a love for learning.

What They Offered

The blog covered a wide range of topics, including: Bible and Encouragement: The contributors shared their faith and provided biblical guidance to help others integrate Christian values into their homeschooling journeys, offering encouragement for challenging days and celebrating both small and significant victories.

Curriculum and Teaching Ideas: Experienced homeschooling moms offered insights on curriculum choices, teaching techniques, and creative lesson plans, enriching the homeschooling experience for their readers.

Math, Science, Reading, and More: Resources and tips were provided for teaching core subjects, such as math, science, reading, and others, offering practical advice and innovative approaches to make learning enjoyable for children.

Homeschooling Lifestyle: They discussed the day-to-day aspects of homeschooling, covering topics such as time management, organization, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.Community and Support: The blog served as a hub for connecting with other homeschooling moms. Readers found camaraderie, shared experiences, and sought support within a caring and like-minded community.