Gricefully Homeschooling

SupplyMe has acquired, a blog written by a Christian homeschooling mom of three.

Jen was the writer and creator of Gricefully Homeschooling. At that time, she was engaged in home educating 2 of her 3 children. The journey commenced when her son encountered difficulties in public school. Ultimately, the decision to bring him and his sister home for their education was deemed the best choice, though it took some divine persuasion to convince her.

In addition to her homeschooling responsibilities, Jen grappled with chronic pain and illness. Consequently, she had to make use of the tools at her disposal to facilitate her tasks, all while continuing her own learning journey.

Jen's teaching approach revolved around a Biblical Homeschool Philosophy, with her primary objective being to impart knowledge about God, His word, His world, and His History to her children. Everything beyond these fundamental teachings was seen as a bonus.

As a family, they were notably frugal. Jen was adept at uncovering deals, employing coupons, and exercising patience to secure needed items at the most cost-effective prices. Her delight in sharing these thrifty discoveries with her readers even earned her the distinction of Best Thrifty Homeschooler Blog in 2012 from the Homeschool Post.

Beyond the realm of financial savings, Jen succeeded in instilling a deep love for learning in her children. As a result, her children often took the initiative to further their education independently, surpassing the knowledge gained from the textbooks they studied.