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Gabby greeted visitors warmly on her blog, introducing herself as a 20-year-old student from California on the path to becoming an upper elementary teacher. Living with her family and beloved fur-daughter, Aurora, she expressed a lifelong exposure to the world of education, influenced by her parents' extensive teaching experience spanning over 15 years and her brother's recent venture into the same field. Crafting classroom materials for her family members involved in education had been a long-standing practice, now evolved into a passion for sharing her creations with fellow teachers.

Her affection for animals, particularly pigs, was evident, as she proudly identified as a vegan and an advocate for animal rights. Dreaming of establishing her own farm animal sanctuary, she also found joy in diverse hobbies such as crafting, cooking, photography, graphic design, and exploring new destinations. Gabby graciously encouraged her visitors to engage with her by leaving comments or reaching out via email