SupplyMe has acquired, a homeschooling blog written by a woman named Shelly.

On their blog, the author shared anything that might have been beneficial in helping parents home educate, have fun with, and respect their children. They accepted forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, and/or compensated posts. At times, a post included affiliate links. All thoughts expressed on the blog were solely their own. They were not influenced by money to give a positive response. They had, in fact, given items back to companies because their product(s) stunk.

  1. At Free Homeschooling 101, the website shared links for ALL Homeschooling Families.
  2. The website existed to help people EVERYWHERE have a chance to find Free and Affordable education.
  3. It also existed to help the author feed their 6 children and buy the occasional coffee and headache medication for their husband, Brian.
  4. Because it was an all-encompassing website, visitors SAW posts that included, but were not limited to: Common Core; Not Common Core; Christian; Catholic; Mormon; Other Religions; No Religion; Unschooling; Charlotte Mason Method; Free Spirited Schooling; Nature Schooling; Old Earth; Young Earth; Accredited Online Schooling; Eclectic Homeschooling; Classical Homeschooling; The Waldorf Method, Montessori, Multiple Intelligence...etc.
  5. Everyone was capable of scrolling on by the things their family did not need.
  6. The author asked for a loving and peaceful spirit in that space.
  7. If there was a post a visitor didn't agree with, didn't like, or didn't use, they were encouraged to pass on by. The author worked hard to post MANY links for the various members of this group, and snarky comments were a downer for most people, including the author.