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When she began her website, she had no intention of engaging in active blogging. The initial purpose of the blog was to serve as a repository for their personal Free Links related to homeschooling. It effectively fulfilled this role, and she continued to update specific blog posts as more links became available. However, after publicly sharing the videos she recently created, she started receiving requests to produce more.

She expressed her willingness to create more videos, with the caveat that she didn't consider herself a comedian but rather a homeschooling mother who enjoyed using an online movie maker. In these videos, her intention was to share her expertise and insights to assist new homeschoolers.

She acknowledged the diversity of homeschooling families, emphasizing that her experiences and answers might not align with those of every homeschooling mother. Some of her responses might even be considered controversial, but they were her perspective.

In her personal Facebook Message inbox, she had received numerous inquiries about her homeschooling family. Her plan was to address these questions in the upcoming videos.

She provided answers to three questions:

Her real name was Shelly.
She didn't accept Facebook friendship requests from people she didn't know for privacy reasons, but...
She did read all of her Facebook messages and was open to answering questions both online and in the videos.
She expressed regret regarding her inability to accept all friendship requests, emphasizing the need to maintain some level of privacy.

Without further delay, she presented the next two videos, which featured authentic conversations about their real-life experiences. The answers she provided in these videos were genuine.

She welcomed questions about homeschooling or any other suitable topics, encouraging readers to keep their inquiries family-friendly. She planned to incorporate these questions into her next video.