Sentence Strips

Magnetic & Wipe Off Sentence Strips

The concept of sentence strips is nothing new but they sure have come along ways since they first came out. Now, instead of just having paper sentence strips, which are still great for a variety of different things, there are now both magnetic and wipe off sentence strips. The wipe off strips are great because they provide the same uses as regular paper ones but they are reusable. Once you are finished with a particular lesson you can simply erase whatever was on the strip and you are ready for your next lesson! They are extremely convenient and they save you money since you don't have to purchase them over and over.

The magnetic sentence strips can be great for using as name tags and putting on the front of desks. They also work well if you have a magnetic chalkboard or dry erase board because you can stick them up on the board so the whole class can see them.

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