Jumbo Magnetic Marbles

Popular Playthings Jumbo Magnetic Marbles

The JUMBO sized magnetic marbles come in at 1.33" in diameter and are not a c...

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Magnetic Mix or Match Junior

Popular Playthings Magnetic Mix or Match Junior

Welcome to Magnetic Mix or Match® Junior the toy that lets you build a vehicl...

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Magnetic Build-A-Car

Popular Playthings Magnetic Build-A-Car

Ever wish you could design your own car or truck? Well, now you can with Buil...

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Mag Builder, 30 Pieces

Popular Playthings Mag Builder, 30 Pieces

Welcome to Mag Builder, an exciting way to build! Mag Builder was designed wi...

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Monkey Match

Popular Playthings Monkey Match

Winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award! No matching game can hold a c...

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Monkey Bingo

Popular Playthings Monkey Bingo

Winner of a Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award! Monkey Bingo is the exciting new...

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Popular Playthings Hexacus

HEXACUS is an exploration in creativity and fun for the entire family. Just s...

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Magnetic Mix or Match Construction Vehicles

Popular Playthings Magnetic Mix or Match Constr...

Simple construction using magnetic pieces. Able to build multiple versions fr...

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Jumbo Playstix

Popular Playthings Jumbo Playstix

Welcome to Jumbo Playstix — just like the original Playstix only bigger! Like...

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Popular Playthings Sakkaro

Sakkaro is a geometry toy that will light up a child's creativity! Its transl...

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Hexie Snaps

Popular Playthings Hexie Snaps

Hexie-Snaps come in eight bright colors and are 2.5 inches across making them...

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