Contact Paper

Laminate and Preserve With Contact Paper

Contact paper is a quick and convenient way to preserve those important papers all teachers and administrators use day after day. Its a perfect way to maintain manuals, lesson plans, instructions and posted signs, like Wash hands before returning to work. There are endless uses for contact paper in every office and classroom.

Decorating classrooms is an ongoing project. Using contact paper can provide a neat, clean look when used to preserve student art work hung on walls. Students can be proud of their masterpieces when they are neatly encased in contact paper to provide that finished look.

SupplyMe offers a wide variety of contact paper. Rolls of contact paper are available in 18 x 3yards, 8 yards and 25 yards. Laminating film is also available in 25 width and several lengths. In addition to clear contact paper, there are different colors available to satisfy specific needs, including green, royal blue, white and black. And, to help make laminating easier, we offer a variety of laminating machines.

So, lets get laminating, decorating and preserving. Maybe you will even save a few trees.

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