Beads & Beading Supplies

Beading Supplies for Hours of Classroom Fun!

Beading projects are great for children of all ages. With younger children, its best to limit your beading supplies to chunky bead varieties and thick cord. The goal of beading is to offer your young students a fun experience while helping them develop focus, control, and coordinationhallmarks of fine motor skill mastery. If your supplies are not skill and age-appropriate, your students will just get frustrated when their continued attempts at the task yield nothing. Along with fine motor skill development, beading exercises also help younger students practice counting, sorting, color recognition, shape recognition, and more!

With older students it is appropriate to offer a wider selection of supplies including different sized beads, assorted shapes, a variety of string, etc. Try using smaller beads that will test their fine motor skill mastery and patience. Introduce different textures with smooth, faceted, and other style beads for a greater sensory experience. Provide several types of string including twine, elastic cord, and leather cord for your older students to experiment with and for use in different types of projects. Through beading exercises, your older students will strengthen problem solving skills, learn about patterning, learn to follow step-by-step directions, and much more!

At SupplyMe, we offer all the materials necessary for a complete and effective beading station. For your convenience, we carry individual bead packages as well as assorted buckets. If youre not quite sure how to stock your beading station, we also feature a full stringing kit that comes with over eight different types of beads, plastic needles, yarn, and plastic bowls for easy use!

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