DIY Milk Jug Valentine Card Holder!

If you're looking for a way to help your kiddos corral their valentines and party goodies this Valentine's Day (and you're over the traditional shoe box holder), check out this awesome DIY milk jug card holder created by Christina, elementary teacher and creator of Bunting, Books, and Bright Ideas! It's simple, inexpensive, and a great way to show your kiddos that 'trash' really can be turned into something useful!


recycled milk jug


permanent markers

Valentine's Day stickers


Creating the Card Holder

Photo Source: Bunting, Books, and Bright Ideas
Photo Source: Bunting, Books, and Bright Ideas

The process is really quite simple. Have your students bring in a clean milk jug. Use scissors to the cut the tops off of the jugs. We suggest doing this yourself or having a parent volunteer do it. Have students use permanent markers and stickers to decorate the jug. Be sure to have them write their name on the jug (or write their name for them)! Lastly, tie a ribbon to the handle and - voila - they'll have a holder for all their little party goodies!

Neat, right!? Be sure to visit Bunting, Books, and Bright Ideas for this and lots of other great ideas!

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