Cute Owl Valentine Paper Plate Craft!

Fun and simple to create, this cute owl valentine craft is sure to be a hit with your crafty kiddos!


dessert sized paper plate

red, pink, and orange construction paper

craft scissors

wiggle eyes

craft glue

black marker

Creating the Valentine

Create a large heart from red construction paper, cutting the heart shape in half and gluing the halves to the sides of the paper plate to create the owl's 'wings'.

Cut a medium-sized heart from red construction paper as well as a slightly smaller heart from pink construction paper. Glue the pink heart on top of the red heart, then glue the whole thing to the top of the plate, creating the owl's 'head'.

Cut small hearts from orange construction paper to create feet and a nose for the owl, and glue on wiggle eyes.

Lastly, write a valentine message on the exposed plate (the owl's 'belly') and you have a fun, simple valentine to give to friends, parents, and grandparents!