Salt & Liquid Water Color Ice Sculptures!

Summer Kids Craft
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What better way to beat the heat this summer than with a 'cool' art project like this ice sculpture from Jean at The Artful Parent?! Full of gorgeous color, some science tie-ins, and cool {literally!} materials it's sure to be an instant hit!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Aluminum roasting pan or shallow glass pan
  • Blocks of ice {be sure to visit The Artful Parent to see how Jean made hers!}
  • Coarse and fine table salt
  • Liquid water colors
  • Pipettes or eye droppers

Your kiddos are sure to 'ooohh' and 'aahhh' over the cool colors, ice tunnels {created as the salt melts into the block of ice}, and the uniqueness of this science/art exploration! If you can manage it, take this project outdoors. The sun will work with the salt to melt your creations, but there's nothing like the sun to bring out the beauty of a colored ice sculpture! Plus, clean-up will be a snap!

Head on over to The Artful Parent for more project pictures, ice freezing instructions, and a list of other great salt and ice activities you'll most definitely want to try!