What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Sample Answer: Why the children, of course! I believe all good teachers became interested in teaching because they love children. And I also believe you have to love children and enjoy being around children in order to love teaching. I enjoy helping to mold students into what they have the potential to become. I feel like teaching, being a helping profession, is more of a calling than a career choice. Teachers do truly have the power to change lives; I’ve experienced that myself firsthand through the teachers that have helped me over the years. Other than enjoying being around children and helping them to become well-rounded adults, the summers off aren’t that bad either!

Tip: This is the perfect answer for this question because it reinforced what may truly distinguish a great teacher from a good one – the love of children. Educating children is never an easy job, but it must be undertaken by someone who loves kids, and school districts know this. Showing that you love teaching, that it is not just a career to you, is a good way to get your foot in the door.

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