What are your greatest strengths that you have to offer?

Sample Answer: My greatest strength is my ability to run an efficient classroom and to give individualized attention to each student. I am adept at identifying and maximizing the strengths of each student and learning their weaknesses so that I can better help each individual child excel to his or her potential. I am also patient, which is a trait that is a must-have for any educator. My patience allows me to work effectively with even the most challenging students.

Tip: When asking about your strengths, the interviewer is looking for you to be both positive and honest about where you feel your strengths lie. This is a time to brag about yourself and see yourself in the best light possible. It is necessary to play up your strengths when answering this question, but you don’t want to boast about too many of your strengths or you may seem deceptive – even if you are the ‘total’ package! In other words, don’t make yourself appear to be “too good to believe”.

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