What are your classroom rules and how do you make sure your students know them?

Sample Answer: I am a staunch believer that ground rules must be laid down in the classroom from day one if I plan to maintain order and control in the classroom. I keep my rules simple and make sure that they are in a format that the student can understand. The rules aren’t lengthy – so as not to overwhelm the students or confuse them. I give each student two copies of my classroom rules on the first day of class; one he or she will sign and return to me, the other is for their reference.

The rules are – raise your hand when you need help – keep your hands to yourself – walk don’t run – treat others as you would have them treat you – follow directions. It’s that simple. These rules may seem simplistic, but they can cover a lot of incidences that might occur. Tip: Keeping order is important, and school rules aren’t enough. Each teacher needs their own set of rules that govern their classrooms. It is important that you demonstrate that you understand this concept. Be sure to taper the rules to the grade you are teaching.

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