Valentine's Day Hershey Kiss Opinion Writing & Graphing Activity

Valentine's Day Hershey Kiss Opinion Writing & Graphing Activity

Since you'll likely have candy coming out of your ears this Valentine's Day anyway, we thought it would be the perfect time to do a little candy tasting and opinion writing!

Hershey Kiss Taste Testing

Over the years, Hershey's has come out with a wide variety of chocolate kiss candies - milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Hugs, almond, caramel, etc. For the purpose of the activity, we suggest selecting three or four different kinds for your kiddos to try as well as scheduling the activity for later in the afternoon (perhaps before recess or dismissal) so that your students aren't bouncing off the walls at nine in the morning!

Consider giving them an organizer that will help them record their thoughts as they try each one - encouraging them to use their five senses to compare the chocolates.

Hershey Kiss Opinion Writing

Once they've tried all of the chocolates, have them determine which is their favorite and why. The graphic organizer (shown above) is a great way to help them organize their thoughts. You might simply have students complete the organizer or take it a step further and have them use the organizer to write a short paragraph.

Hershey Kiss Graphing

You can extend the activity further with a graphing component! Create a simple graph and have students vote for their favorites. Once all votes are in, analyze the data - i.e. which flavor is most preferred, which flavor is least preferred, etc.

Valentine's Day Hershey Kiss Opinion Writing & Graphing Activity

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