Spring Math & Science - The Early Bird Catches The Worm!

Spring Math and Fine Motor Building Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: creativetots.com

Pretend play. Fine motor building. Counting. Color sorting. There are so many skills your preschoolers can review using this awesome spring bug themed activity from Creative Tots! Armed with simple clothespins, invite your kiddos to pretend to be birds, using the pins to 'catch' pipe cleaner worms that have been spread out across the floor or tabletop! Once caught, your preschoolers can...

  • Simply place the worms in a basket and, once they've caught them all, dump the worms back out for another student to 'catch'.
  • Sort the worms by color onto a sorting mat or into color coded cans created from recycled Pringles cans.
  • Sort the worms onto counting mats - identifying the numeral at the top of each mat, then 'catching' and placing the appropriate number of worms on the mat.

Whatever variation you decide to, we know your preschoolers will have a blast with this learning game!