Obviously, don't name any names, but who has been your most challenging student and why?

Sample Answer: The most challenging student to me is a student who won’t listen, which is often the case with students who suffer from ADHD. I had a little boy in class once who had ADHD that was somewhat controlled by medication. He was very inattentive and would often stare into space while his classmates were busy doing worksheets or reading. I felt almost powerless to help him while dealing with twenty other children at the same time. I had to dedicate specific time to this student each day in order to help him catch up with his peers.  He didn't really disrupt class or anything, I just found it very challenging to give him the attention that he needed while still helping other students.

Tip: Interviewers know that you’re not Mary Poppins, and admitting weaknesses and challenges shows your honesty and integrity. All teachers are presented with challenging students, but not all will admit that they had a struggle on their hands. By showing that you found the student to be a challenge, and then discussing how you handled it, you show yourself as an intuitive and effective teacher.