My Counting Book!

My Counting Book!

Perfect for your math center or play bin, this colorful counting book printable provides your preschoolers with numeral recognition and counting practice, and even strengthens fine motor coordination as they cut-n-paste number tiles and peel-n-stick stickers to the pages. Along with general center use, this booklet compliments any thematic unit - all you have to do is change out the stickers to reflect the theme!

There are 2 variations available. The first is a completed booklet {with numerals on each page} where students focus on identifying the numeral, counting out the correct number of stickers, and placing them on the page [NOTE: If you don't have any stickers, invite your students to draw the correct number of items. To help them, consider placing a picture word list with the activity.] The second is a blank booklet where students are charged with cutting and pasting number tiles to the page along with the other tasks listed above. While this variation of the activity will undoubtedly take longer to complete, it will provide your kiddos with the opportunity to practice using scissors as well as strengthen hand muscles/coordination as they squeeze dots of glue to the page and carefully place the number tiles.

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    My Counting Book!

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