If you've heard students constantly complaining about another teacher what do you do?

Sample Answer: I would ignore it! I realize that not all teachers are going to be popular with their students, and it is not my job to intervene or to question someone else’s teaching style as long as it doesn’t interfere with the health or well-being of my students. I think that teachers must respect one another in that regard, and while advice should be doled out when asked for, it is not proper to question another teacher’s abilities or skills as a teacher.

Tip: Bingo. Nothing is more disparaging to school districts than conflict between teachers and they have far bigger issues to deal with. By showing that you’re willing to be a vigilant watchdog for your students while at the same time tempering your watchfulness with minding your own business is a good thing. School districts don’t want to hire individuals for any position if they feel that the individual will overstep their boundaries. In short, school districts don’t need teachers to police one another.