If one of your students wasn't completing their work, how would you handle it?

Sample Answer: Motivation is a big part of teaching, and motivating students who do not complete their work is an integral part to helping the student achieve success. To address this situation, I would confer with the child to find out if there is a barrier to completing the work that I can help with. If they don’t understand the concept, my job is to help them understand. If there is some other personal barrier that needs to be addressed, I can point the child towards the help that they need by consulting with the guidance counselor or other official. The important thing is to get the child on the right track and to overcome the obstacle that they are facing.

Tip: School districts and interviewers want to see that a teacher is willing to work with students who may be falling behind. The school district’s success and funding are dependent upon student progress and performance. By going the extra mile to work with struggling children, teachers are doing their part to help the entire district succeed.