Have you ever been responsible for taking care of someone? Did you enjoy it?

Sample Answer: In my role as student teacher, I was often left in charge of the classroom and students. I enjoy being in a supervisory position and working with children. I think that my leadership skills make me a natural caretaker, and I very much enjoy being in charge.

I am now also responsible for taking care of my mother. She is getting older and without my dad around anymore she needs help with pretty much everything. It's definitely been challenging, but I really do enjoy being able to care for her and spend that extra time together.

Tip: School districts and interviewers are looking for teaching candidates that have a “take charge” attitude. Likewise, they want to see that you are comfortable taking responsibility for others. And while teaching is more than “glorified babysitting”, being able to take care of your students and supervise them appropriately is a necessity, and ideally, you should enjoy doing just that.