Do you prefer themed decor or a colorful menagerie?

As we were trolling the web for some new ideas to put in the inspiration folder for next year, we came across some spectacular classroom themes and got to wondering - what's your preference? Themed boards that grow with you throughout the year or freedom to create whatever comes to mind {so what if your "Out of this World Classroom Helpers" board doesn't match your "Now Playing..." literature wall}? Over the years, we've found both styles of decorating to be fantastic - each turning the classroom into a colorful, engaging environment that is conducive to genuine learning! For all you theme yeasayers, here are several of the ideas that got our brains working...

Elementary Jungle Classroom Theme Bulletin Board Ideas
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Watch OUT! It's A Jungle In Here!

Tennessee art teacher, Janet Malone, of Ms. Malone's Art Room designed a fantastic set of jungle themed boards that will have you drooling. We love the animal print lettering, the use of bold vibrant colors, the three-dimensional 'tree branch' borders, the leaf print of the fabric used to cover the boards, and the way the theme just ties her room together! Head on over to check out the rest of her boards - they may just get your brain a-whirring too!

Elementary Rock Stars Classroom Theme Bulletin Board Ideas
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Rockin' Room 13!

Beth Newingham, third grade teacher and blogger for Scholastic, chose a rock star theme - a motif your kiddos are certain to relate to! We adore the students' rock star posters and bios, the strobe lights, the inflatable instruments, and how the lively decorations compliment the learning environment, instead of cluttering it or causing a distraction! Beth put a lot of work into developing the theme so be sure to head over to her site for the tour {and maybe some inspiration for next year!}.

We're sure there are many more wonderful themes out there, so we'll keep our eyes peeled and share them as we stumble across them! We'd love to hear what you think of these ideas & themes in general, so be sure to leave us a comment below or connect with us on Facebook!

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