Do you consider yourself an empathetic person? If so, give an example.

Sample Answer: I do consider myself to be empathetic to many people and situations. Because of my upbringing, I believe I am able to appreciate some of the harder situations that we many times find ourselves in, and to show empathy and pity for others. For example, because we were not wealthy when I was a child, I am able to empathize with those students who cannot afford designer clothes and $100 sneakers. Because I don’t consider math to be one of my strongest subjects, I can empathize with those who struggle with math. I think empathy is important in a broad number of instances in our lives. It makes us more personable and more approachable.

Tip: School districts want to hire teachers who can be empathetic towards others, whether it is students, parents, or other teachers. Demonstrating your empathetic side shows them that you are a person who can relate to others. Nearly everyone has an empathetic side; if you don’t, you may be in the wrong field.