A Heart Lei Craft for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids
Photo Source: www.makeandtakes.com

How adorable are these little heart lei crafts from Marie over at Make and Takes {she designed the craft for a special feature in Craftzine}? Not only are they cute accessories for your classroom V-day party, they provide a fun way for your kiddos to build fine motor skills!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Card stock hearts {cut from assorted colored/patterned paper}
  • Yarn
  • Drinking straws cut into 1-1/2" pieces
  • Paper punch

We love when students are responsible for picking up their supplies, so consider setting the craft materials out on a table and inviting your kiddos {one group at a time} to come collect their supplies - a piece of yarn, 8 card stock hearts, and 10 drinking straw pieces. Provide a paper punch for each table and have your kiddos take turns punching a single hole in each of their hearts. [NOTE: While the paper punch is being used by a classmate, invite the remaining students to lay out their craft pieces in sequence - drinking straw, heart, drinking straw heart, etc. At this time, you might also have them look at the colors/patterns of their hearts and encourage them to arrange the variations in a pattern too!]

The end result is an adorable lei for your students to wear at your special Valentine's Day party! If you have some leftover materials, we also thought it might be fun to create long strands of hearts to hang from your door frame {like a fringed curtain}. It'll add some color and fun to your classroom for the holiday!

For the full tutorial, be sure to head over to Craftzine!