Math Station Freebies: Number Flash Cards & Memory Game!

Posted on July 21, 2015 | By kayla

Numeral and number word recognition. Counting. Cardinality. These freebies are great for practicing these early math skills! Featuring numerals, number words, and ten frames for numbers zero through ten, use the flash cards to introduce your kiddos to each number and, once they're comfortable, have them use the memory matching game to demonstrate their learning! We highly recommend printing the cards onto sturdy card stock and laminating them reduce wear and tear.


One thing we love about these printables is that they can be used in a variety of different ways...

  • Print two sets of the flash cards. Keep one set whole/intact and cut the second set apart, cutting each card into three different pieces (numerals, number words, and ten frames). Students can then use the first set of cards as a guide as they put the second set of cards back together, like a puzzle!
  • Put the memory game cards in a paper bag or basket and mix them up. Walk around the classroom placing a card face down in front of each student. On your count, invite students to look at their card, then race to track down the other two students with the cards that complete the set. Play again and again!
  • Instead of a memory game, use the game cards to play Go Fish!

You can grab a copy of these fun math station freebies below!

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