Veterans Day Quilt Craft

By kayla

Veterans Day Quilt Craft

To go along with your Veterans Day lessons, you might consider working with your preschoolers to make a community quilt to honor the men and women who serve/have served in our military! Kindergarten teacher and U.S. Army veteran, Carie Ramirez, provides two lovely examples over at PreK+K Sharing that would be perfect for commemorating the holiday - a marble-painted stars and stripes quilt inspired by Debbie Clement's book, "Red, White and Blue", and a stars and hearts quilt (that also incorporates a fun patterning lesson!) inspired by Michaele Sommerville’s "Veterans, We Love You" craftivity.

Whichever design you choose (or should you come up with your own idea), we think this is an awesome way to help your preschoolers make a personal connection with the holiday!

[NOTE: The design pictured above is a version of the stars and stripes quilt!]

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