"Digging into Summer" Bulletin Board Idea

By melanie
Bulletin Board - Digging Into Summer
Photo Source: McKinley Early Childhood Center

Dig right in to the beginning of summer with this super cute bulletin board idea found at McKinley Early Childhood Center! Summer brings trips to the beach and fun in the sun. Get your kiddos excited by having them help you create this summertime display!

Bucket Craft

Before you begin to put up your summer board, have your kiddos help you decorate buckets - one for each student in the class. You can find a simple bucket coloring page online. Print one for each student and have them decorate however they choose! Provide a variety of materials - paint, crayons, markers, glitter, sequins, foam shapes, etc - and turn them loose. Then once the buckets have dried, cut them out, attach a cute shovel and write each child's name on their bucket.

For younger children (infants and toddlers) try providing them with Do-A-Dot markers for decorating. An activity they are sure to enjoy!

"Digging into Summer" Bulletin Board

  • Background: Light blue bulletin board paper for the sky and light brown or tan for the sand.
  • Title: "Digging into Summer"
  • Border: A border is not necessary, but if you're itching to cover those edges you could use any type of summer-themed border.
  • Decoration: Sun - cut a sun from yellow bulletin board paper. Buckets - attach your kiddos bucket crafts along the bottom of the board. If you're wanting to add a little something extra, try creating white clouds from bulletin board paper, or add a few 'beachy' accents to the sand (crabs, shells, etc). You could also glue on a little sand to make the beach more life-like!

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